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A warm welcome ...

... at OzD to Anders Khaykin from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.

As part of a program called “Global Teaching Labs” (GTL), Anders has been sent to the OzD to teach in the OzD classrooms. With Anders, the cooperation between the MIT and the OzD is in the seventh year. The program’s idea is that students learn through teaching – even though they do not want to become a teacher. It is seen as an essential skill to explain difficult matters in an easy way to help young learners understand sciences better.
In a humorous and informative way he deals with topics as global warming, business English, materials for sportswear, programming or simply mathematics in the Years 7-12. Since he speaks only a few words of German, our students have to learn bilingually – which works fine even for 7 graders.

Anders himself studies mathematical sciences and engineering in his junior year.  Apart from his teaching experience, he makes use of his time to learn more about Germany in a cultural way. He stays with family Steinkämper in Lübeck with Lilli as his host sister – thanks a lot to family Steinkämper for hosting Anders!
Our guest from MIT will stay in Lübeck until January, 25th – so if you want to meet him, you’ll find him around school for the next two weeks.
We are happy to have you here, Anders, and hope you enjoy your stay!
Sc, 15.01.2019